Become a Chama partner and grow your business

How about having a partner that helps you show your gas offer to millions of consumers and still simplifies your daily routine with technology solutions?

Discover all the benefits of being our partner

We have the best technology solutions

Our platform counts with innovative technologies that can make your gas reseller win in productivity, efficiency, agility and control of your day to day management.

We do the communication for you

With over 7 million consumers at Chama, your offer will be seen by more people and you increase your chance to sell more gas canisters.

We make it simple to manage your orders

With the Order via Chama, your reseller can manage more calls and have access to all information in one place.

We work with no complications

At Chama, all your orders are digitally processed and our technology helps you to manage and keep your orders in control. All that paperwork is now in the past.

We have the best gas canister brands

You can offer brands such as Consigaz, Copagaz, Liquigás, Nacional Gás, Supergasbras, Ultragaz and much more.

Get to know all our technology tools to help you with management

Improve your management with the “Portal do Parceiro” (Partner Portal)

We made it easier for you to control your business through a platform where resellers can see the whole operation, orders and communicate with Chama.

More orders with "Revenda Móvel" (Mobile Dealer)

We connect drivers with the closest consumers so you can win in productivity and generate opportunities to receive more orders.

Control over your deliveries with an exclusive app

We‘ll help you take control over your deliveries with the "Chama-Entregador" (Driver App), an app that allows you to communicate with your drivers in an easy and organized way.

Ideal price positioning

With the "Preço de Referência Chama" (RRP), we show the ideal price for your offer, so you can make the best out of the relation volume x margin.

Real-time tracker

The consumer can track the location of the order in real-time and you can increase the delivery success rate.

More payment options

Consumers can choose to pay through the app and your resale can receive the amount from Chama in daily payments.

Do you want to increase your sales? Join us at Chama!

Our partners already know: Chama is the best way to make your business grow


Since the first month with Chama app, we have increased our sales as we started to serve a new audience. So it became a successful partnership as every day we are enchanted with the tools they bring to optimize our logistics.

Naja Gás


Chama is definitely a business partner. Thanks to them, we were able to increase our sales and promote our gas business. Innovation and a first-rate team are the tools that make Chama the best in all aspects!

Gasbom Rapido

Washington Fernando Pinheiro

Chama positively revolutionized my business, especially with digital innovations. It is a tool with great intentions that always leads all partners correctly. I am proud of our partnership and also of being a Chama premium reseller in MG.

W&F Gas

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