Chama helps you save time and money for you to invest on what matters to you

Life can be hectic and at times we find it difficult to deal with all we have to achieve. How about we simplify things for you? Chama was created to deliver a seamless experience to customers and take the worry days away…

We want to become the preferred way for Brazilian consumers to buy gas and to the gas dealers, we want to become best partners. One of our missions is to help them grow and to support them in efficiently managing their operations. Chama is always looking for technology solutions to make this process quick, fair and as trustworthy as possible.

About Chama

In Brazil, 98% of the population depends on GLP supply, and if you use a gas canister, you have probably seen it run out just when you started cooking. It may seem simple, but the gas chain delivery has many complexities that end up generating costs to our dealers and raising the price to the consumers.

Chama was founded in November of 2016, with the innovative idea of improving the GLP chain in Brazil, and today we are a platform that unites thousands of dealers to millions of consumers.



São Paulo


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